Kitchen Catechism: Featured Articles

Here you'll find Featured Articles by renowned Catholic Authors Lois Donahue, Marilyn Mathers, and others. May you find peace, inspiration, and – hopefully – many reasons to love and share the beauty and transforming power of our Catholic Faith through Jesus Christ.

Articles are listed from most recent (at the top) to least recent (at the bottom).

The Immigration Question
New Commission for Woman Deacons
The Resurrection of Jesus
Many Important Events
Catholic Culture and New Evangelization
The City of Love and Truth
Wake up call -- hunker down
The 12 Days of Christmas: A Christmas Carol History (Fact?)
New evangelization needs Eucharistic people
The Ten Commandments
Great Truths
Female Objectification Not All Fault of Men (A Article)
God Is Love
Christmas Message
Helping out those in need
I Believe
Plea of Catholics who want to learn more about the Faith answered
Solidarity on the Road to Holiness
New breakthrough makes kids ecstatic over learning about Jesus and the Gospel
The Sacred Heart: Symbol of Unity, Salvation, and Peace
Mothers' Day Message
On the Third Day He Rose from the Dead
I am with You Always A poem by Lois Donahue 
Christmas Wishes 2000 (Includes the Hymn “Alma Redemptoris Mater”)
A pure soul is like a fine pearl... (by St. John Vianney) 
Very interesting things are happening @ Check this out!
Monthly Reflection: The Infant Jesus of Prague
A Millennium Message by St. Bernard of Clairvaux
An Explanation and Statement of Intent  By Marilyn Mathers, Founder and Editor of
The Internet Needs You  A letter transcribed from the ACCW Newsletter -- by Marilyn Mathers, Communication Chair.

A Woman's Rosary
Thank you, Father, for becoming a priest
His Life and Mine
From the Apostles' Last Supper to our Mass - Part III
From the Apostles' Last Supper to our Mass - Part II
From the Apostles' Last Supper to our Mass - Part I
Change of Pace: To Think, to Wonder, to Decide
Believing the Unbelievable
Change of Pace
The Mysteries of The Rosary (Part IV-b)
The Mysteries of The Rosary (Part IV-a)
The Mysteries of The Rosary (Part III)
The Mysteries of The Rosary (Part II)
The Mysteries of The Rosary (Part I)
More About The Rosary
The Rosary Then And Now
The Four Letter Word That Makes The Difference
Words / Thoughts
A Gift Sometimes Forgotten
"Complacent Catholic - Do Not Disturb"
A closing look at our Lucky 7s
...It was the day before Christmas
Another Look at our Lucky 7s
Lucky 7
Why not JUST the Bible
Mary the Woman
Purgatory...meaning what?
From God, through the Apostles, to us, and beyond
The Apostle Peter
Apostle Bartholomew
The Apostle John
The Apostle St. Matthew
The Apostles Simon and Jude
The apostle who betrayed Jesus
The Apostle Thomas
James & James
Back to the Apostles
As I Was Saying...
Our Church's Baker's Dozen
Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch
A “Thoughtlet”
My Bible, My Recipe Files and My Cookbooks
Good Friday Meditation
New Year's Resolution -- Month Three
The Men in Mary's Life
Christmas Surprises  Little known facts and well-loved traditions
Was Jesus truly human? Of course, but have you thought of this?
Nameless Women of the Bible
Women of the Bible An amazing compilation, from A to Z
Words and Messages  Food for thought about God and Caesar, and Oreos and milk
Only Half a Wedding Dress A gripping true story of love and faith
"My Child's a Saint"  Real life moms who might have said so
Content and Confident Being Catholic Why sometimes  it's important to be proud
One-Two and Finally Three Can we make some sense of the Mystery of the Blessed Trinity? Here Lois reveals the mystery

All alone -- Really???  Have you ever felt lonely?  If so, you are not alone 

The ‘now’, the ‘then’ and the ‘before’ of Christmas  Lois Donahue's commentary for this Christmas season
The Graying of Mary  Lois Donahue's contribution to "1999 The International Year of the Older Person"
God Chose You -- God Loves You  Lois Donahue reminds us that we are no accidents of nature
One liner -- second thoughts  Lois Donahue's latest contribution, about the two kinds of "busy"
Father:  Where it all began  An insightful perspective on fathers and the family
From Eve to Mary: Mothers in God's Plan  An amusing look at mothers through the ages
God Winked and There Was laughter  Find out why contributor Lois Donahue is so inclined to lighten up
We'll Meet in the Quiet  We proclaim loudly that you will benefit from this article on the importance of silence
The "Happy" Station  A meditation on The Way of the Cross
Our God By Any Other Name   A delightful article by contributing writer Lois Donahue

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"Nothing should
frighten or grieve you.
Let not your heart be troubled. Am I, your Mother,
not here with you?"

"Nothing should
frighten or grieve you.
Let not your heart be troubled. Am I, your Mother,
not here with you?"

Catholic Culture and New Evangelization. Read
You don't have to do it all alone - God is always there for you. Read
Mary, Undoer of Knots (A favorite prayer of Pope Francis) Read

Words of a Future Pope. Read